Corporate Events - Agroville


Agroville can host your corporate or group events and provide a unique professional experience in terms of event participation. At Agroville, your team will not merely participate in a conference, monotonously wade through a seminar session or attend a corporate event because they have to. At Agroville, your team will experience escape into nature, relax, forget about workplace anxieties, engage in teamwork activities and solidify collaboration through achievement of joint goals. Your team will live unique experiences, together!

At Agroville, we are proud to take corporate events above and beyond “the norm”, using a unique point of view: A point of view which will upgrade your corporate event to a unique corporate experience! Agroville can combine your business needs with activities in nature, escapes in the mountains, excursions in surrounding areas, action / adventure team games, as well as serenity and relaxation.

If you wish Agroville to exclusively host your corporate / group event at a given time period, just get in touch with us and we will make sure you have the place to yourselves as requested! 

Organize your next corporate event with Agroville