Our Region - Agroville


Agroville is located at a height of 1,350 meters, almost touching the Peak of Klokos Mountain and is uniquely situated on a beautifully inspired natural balcony crafted by Mother Nature. This natural balcony offers an astounding, wonderful view of the valley and surrounding area, being on its own an experience worth living!

When you come to Agroville, you will find yourselves walking over the clouds, feeling as if you can touch the sky and fly; gazing at the mountaintops of neighboring mountains, looking at the horizon and admiring the sunrise.

The Agroville landscape is mostly mountainous, wild yet impressive. Agroville is mostly surrounded by mountains, as well as canyons and rivers.

Agroville is built in-between a forest area and a mountainous area, at a meadow with scattered wild trees, such as damsons, pear, walnut and wild berry trees, with some cedar trees also present.

Around Agroville, several mountains including Barbas and Chelmos, uniquely craft a stunning landscape. The Selinounda Canyon is a local landmark with enormous ecological value. 

The area around Agroville is extremely interesting from an ornithological, biological, geological and cultural point of view. It is remarkable to encounter so many environmental elements in such a relatively small farmstead. The area around Agroville has been included in the Natura 2000 network, as an area of extraordinary biodiversity. Mounts Klokos, Barbas and the Selinounda Canyon are all included in the Natura 2000 network and merit special treatment to ensure their bio-sustainability. They are an important natural habitat for several species of flora and fauna, some of which are exceedingly rare or threatened by extinction – an example of which are the vultures living in the mountains, and of course are characterized as natural reserves with a strong cultural significance to the area.

Agroville is located close to other natural wonders as well, including the plane tree at the Panayia Plataniotissa church,  the plane tree of Pafsanias at Aigio, the Lake Cavern and several others which we will explore and marvel at together, during our trips around the area!

Agroville is gracefully built at a stunning landscape and feels like a breath of fresh air for a city dweller; get in touch with nature, observe the wildlife and gain new experiences: Unique agrotourism experiences linked with the uniqueness of the surrounding area!

Geographically speaking, Agroville is situated in northern Peloponnese, between Patras and Xilokastro, south of Aigio and northwest of Kalavrita, famed for their ski center and only 20’ away from Agroville. The closest city is Aigio, also 20’ away, and the closest village is Aghios Panteleimonas.

Here, time stops and your journey to nature begins.