Ecotourism - Agroville


Agroville is a prime ecotourism destination in Greece!
Our visitors have the chance to admire marvelous landscapes, get in touch with nature and appreciate the beauty of the mountainous environment; with our help, they have the chance to blend in with nature even more! Experience life in a farmstead, where every day is different yet unique. Become a farmer, herder or foodstuffs producer and live Greek ecotourism experiences.
We respect our environment and avoid tampering with it; our farming activities are solely organic and respect bio-sustainability. Agroville has been built with utmost respect to nature, centered around it and aims to promote pure, traditional life in the mountains. 
It is located inside nature, operates in accordance with it and offers authentic agrotourism experiences in Greece.

Both our facilities and the activities we develop on a daily basis have been designed to respect the principles of sustainable development, inspired by the natural habitat, local way of life, as well as customs and traditions in our area. We are motivated by nature itself, and our willingness to spread the word about this unique way of life. Our guests live in nature, experience life at a farmstead, learn to respect and protect the environment in practice – and also gain significant environmental insights and ecological sensitivities.
Thanks to local solar panels solutions, Agroville produces itself the total energy, required for daily consumption.  

Together, we will visit old pathways to admire rare plants of the area; gather wild greens and prepare them as appetizers on the next day; rest under the shade of our trees; cool our throats with natural mineral water from our springs.
The landscape here is mountainous, wild yet wondrous. We are located at a height of 1350 m, touching the sky, looking over the clouds. Our surrounding area has a rich variety of flora and fauna, animal species under threat of extinction or protected under the Natura scheme, biodiversity present only in this blessed location. 
Together with your friends or family, you will have the opportunity to discover Agroville and Greek agrotourism. At Agroville you will cultivate camaraderie and experience teamwork, friendship and carelessness.
Together, we will bake bread in the wooden oven, milk the cows, make cheese, ride the horses, enjoy the view, follow alternative paths, feel the strength of earth and the value of life. Together we will enjoy alternative Greek ecotourism.


Because at Agroville you are not merely visiting nature; you live in it. The wonderful mountainous landscape awaits to fascinate you with its outstanding view, initiate you to the magic of the mountain, teach you how to respect nature and above all, grant you rich, authentic life experiences. Here you meet the Authentic Greek Ecotourism. Join us!

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