The Experience - Agroville


Discover Agroville
A mountainous destination which will introduce you to the magic of nature, guide you to pristine paths, and offer you a serene, authentic life experience.

Discover Agroville!

A mountainous destination which will introduce you to the magic of nature, guide you to pristine paths, and offer you a serene, authentic life experience.



Living in a farmstead is not effortless – but it certainly is fascinating!
Join us to milk the cows together; feed the goats; or collect fresh eggs from chickens. If you fancy a challenge, join us to harvest olives, walnuts, mushrooms, snails or wild greens; herd sheep or goats, and make fresh cheese!
A series of authentic ecotourism experiences are waiting for you at Agroville! Will you live them?


Each destination is a unique experience!

Take your pick among the Panayia Plataniotissa chapel, fascinating Kalavrita, the unique lake cavern, the Vouraikos canyon and select other destinations in the surrounding areas of Agroville!

Together, we will visit locations of captivating natural beauty and finesse, with considerable historical and religious value, offering you one-of-a-kind excursion experiences! Will you live them?


Experience action and adventure!

Agroville activities fit sport lovers like a glove! Archery, horse-riding, mountain climbing, mountain biking and a series of other sports activities are readily available! An adventure stage, equipped with a climbing wall, rope bridge and Flying Fox or Rappel will offer you a burst of adrenaline.

For truly extreme experiences, upon request we can organize paragliding, canyoning at the Selinounda canyon and jeeping. Discover sports in nature!


Snow games

Snow is universally loved by everyone, young and old; Agroville is the perfect snowy destination in winter for some truly “white” experiences!

Enjoy an icy stroll in the snow, make a snowman, try snowballing with your friends or family, have fun with sleigh rides! If you are a snow veteran, we heartily recommend visiting the Kalavrita Ski Center, offering several stages for ski and snowboard.

Will you have “white” fun?


Live the local tradition!

At Αgroville, tradition meets nature…and vice versa! We will have the chance to get to know several Greek traditions as well as local customary events. If you visit Agroville during Christmas holidays, you will experience the Christmas wondrous miracles first-hand! Easter is celebrated in a traditional manner at Agroville, with Greek feasts playing a pivotal role in our activities’ schedule. Depending on the time of the year we focus on several different traditions and customs, but always find time to teach traditional Greek dancing lessons, every week of the year!

Join us!


Experience traditional cuisine!

At Agroville, you will not only have the opportunity to taste authentic, traditional dishes but also craft your own tasty experiences!

Using high-quality organic ingredients produced by us at Agroville, we’ll be able to cook traditional recipes as a group! Bake village-style bread at the wood-fired oven, prepare traditional sweets and jams, cook rooster or lamb, and taste excellent local pies. Together we will make traditional cheese and yogurt! Can’t wait to taste these?

Live a different experience of accommodation and traditional hospitality.
One of our 8 studios or mansions is waiting for you to stay there with your friends and family!
Live a different experience… and family!