Our Idea - Agroville

Small village,
big family

Our intention is to offer our visitors wonderful and special moments. Not only will they gain magnificent experiences, but they will also feel the calmness of nature and the warm hospitality we -the people of Agroville- generously offer. Upon arrival to Agroville, one can feel exceptional hospitality as he will be treated with traditional sweets and drinks.

Life in Greek nature is special, remarkable but also unique. Each day is different, action-packed but at the same time tranquil and serene. Worthy moments, small or big, appreciated only when experienced, ones that will remain unforgettable!

 Experiences which, when shared, will become much more unique.

We want to host friends and travelers who share the same values as ours. We wish to offer joy and smiles to young and old alike and give them the chance to experience something special in a warm and hospitable place!


Agroville is a small village with inhabitants of all ages thirsty for action, looking for new experiences, cherishing nature and animals, enjoying the calmness of the mountain and appreciating the scents of nature.


People who have a need to get way from the anxiety and monotony of the city. People who seek novel experiences, tastes and encounters. Modest and unpretentious people like us, who will visit our place with friends or family, and we will all together live an alternative way of life, escape from daily routine, make a trip into the wild.


Living in a remote farmstead is a special ecotourism experience on its own. Farm life is often tough, yet rewarding. Every day is different, filled with action and exciting moments. These moments, whether smaller or larger, simple or important, give us the strength to continue working the land and improve Agroville facilities steadily.