Ecosystem - Agroville


At Agroville, we consider recycling and protection of our ecosystem an unspoken rule. We have developed specific practices of recycling and managing natural resources in almost all of our activities. We protect the environment and actively contribute to the wellbeing of the planet.This is why nothing goes to waste! We consume organic products which are produced locally. Our farm animals provide us with ingredients to create unique flavors and original dishes for our guests.Our hens and cows provide us with eggs, milk and meat. As for fruits and vegetables – we either gather those from our organic garden, or from trees and bushes around the farmstead.

We use the purest of ingredients in our cooking, locally produced and grown with labor and love to offer to our guests. We avoid buying or making use of industrialized products which have burdened the environment to a moderate or large degree. 

The most important recycling action taken at Agroville is our recycling and waste management program. We aim to manage our waste as naturally as possible. Our organic waste, such as leftover food is never thrown away, but recycled. More specifically, the food is used to feed our farm animals. Our chickens and hens, our pigs and doggies commonly eat food leftovers and are grateful for them!

Even the water charts its own natural course at Agroville. Water in Agroville is of excellent chemical composition, quality and purity, originating from the area’s natural water springs within a water protection zone, one of high water purity levels. It may flow from our springs in copious quantities, but it is never wasted. On the contrary, we recycle the water using a bio-filtration system and use it to water the fields

We also recycle animal waste! It is used as a fertilizer (you must have heard of manure!) Fertilizing our plants with natural ingredients helps them grow stronger and produce their own fruits. Those fruits in turn will be harvested and be used as ingredients to create authentic flavors and offer them to our guests.

As such, nothing goes to waste; we recycle in practice and contribute as much as possible towards the wellbeing of the environment and our planet. 

Agroville is energy independent, since it makes use of solar panels in order to cover its energy consumption needs.

Nature has its own chain of life, and its own recycling and development rules. We know these rules well, respect them and practice them every day. We invite you to Agroville to familiarize with our recycling practices and ecosystem protection, gain ideas on how to incorporate ecology in your daily lives, observe alternative waste management in practice and realize that recycling is first and foremost a matter of determination.