Festive Christmas 3-day weekend - Agroville

Festive Christmas 3day weekend

The ecotourism experience

Fairy-tale Christmas in our snowy village at a 1350 altitude! Join us for a traditional party with delicacies and tsipouro. A fantastic festive experience not to be missed.

We will watch a theatrical performance reenacting the birth of Jesus in the manger with the lambs, Virgin Mary and Joseph on their donkey, the Magi bringing gifts to the newborn baby.


Vasilopita of the world


Whether it is called Vasilopita in Greece, or Banitsa in Bulgaria, Rosca de Reyes in Mexico or Galette des rois  in France, it is the traditional cake of the New Year day which, in most cases, hides a coin inside its dough; a signl of good luck for the winner! Other countries honour this sweet at Christmas while others on January 1st.

*In Greece, January 1st is the most important celebration for the Greeks. On this day, New Year carols are sung by children. You can see them singing and playing traditional instruments, going around houses to pick wishes.

  • During this 3-day weekend you will also have the chance to taste an experience of authentic agritourism. We will pick eggs from the hens, milk our cow, feed the horses, walk by the lake with the ducks and unwind doing many different agricultural activities.
  • We will wake up early and cherish the sunrise from the opposite slope drinking a cup of tea.
  • We will do sports like archery, horse riding, table tennis, hiking the Klokos mountain, on the foot of which our lodging lies.

Festive Christmas 3day weekend​


Summarized activities of the theme week: