Jeeping & hiking - Agroville

Jeeping & hiking

The ecotourism experience

The paths here offer an unforgettable experience of discovery in the wild beauty of the mountainous Achaia. An ideal place for those who seek an adrenaline rush, in other words off-road routes through rough and rutty passages where images of unspoken natural beauty, picturesque chapels and azul bays leap out.

So, if you want to try the jeeping experience in Greece, be enchanted by the limitless view and the stunning sunsets, this area can become your paradise!

The routes during this theme week vary as each day is a different adventure of alternating landscapes, at times mountainous and semi-alpine while some others are lush green with high plane trees next to streams.

We will get close to the summits of Klokos mountain and Barba, combining the jeep tour with hiking, ultimately becoming one with nature.

*Get ready to admire marvelous landscapes with intense changes capable to impress even the most demanding travelers.

*Comfortable shoes and clothes, sunglasses, hat and a mood for contact with nature are all necessary!

*As for the hardy ones, option for authentic hiking routes will be available during this theme week.

Jeeping & hiking


Summarized activities of the theme week:

  • Arrival in Agroville, settling down at our rooms and taking a short tour around the farm.


  • A get-to-know your ‘fellow villagers’ night, in Agroville



  • Excursion in the nature with our jeeps! Get ready to reach high summits, admire sceneries of unique beauty and walk in environmental paths with streams and lush slopes.
  • We enjoy a traditional party with delicacies and tsipouro.


  • On the ‘Farmer life’ day we will pick eggs from the hens, milk our cow, feed the horses, walk by the lake with the ducks and unwind doing many more agricultural activities depending on your mood.


  • We will wake up early and cherish the sunrise from the opposite hill drinking a cup of tea.
  • We will do sports like archery, horse riding, table tennis, hiking the Klokos mountain, on the foot of which our lodging lies.
  • We will have the chance to watch step by step the production of traditional dairy products such as, haloumi, mizithra, yogurt, spinach pie, traditional sweets, and sourdough bread in the oven.


  • A night walk in the nature where an Indian tent will be waiting for us. We will sit by the wood stove to consume the products we will have made earlier this day, tell stories and share experiences of agritourism, look at the stars and the constellations.


  • Greek morning coffee under the plane tree in the square of the village.



Some activities like:

Gathering of snails, mountain greens, mushrooms, nuts, apples, pears take place depending on the season of the year and the weather conditions. For more info visit Activities.

You can also enjoy some of the experiences below*:

 A complete guided tour in the old city of Athens, the Acropolis and the historical centre.

  • Way of transfer from Athens to Agroville (by taxi, minibus or train which reaches Aigio city and then we pick you up at specific hours)
  • A ride with Odontotos under the shadow of the Helmos mountain between the Vouraikos canyon or a single day trip to ancient Olympia, a breathtaking archaeological site, a museum which hosts the most beautiful sculpture of antiquity. Contact us when you make your reservation to schedule ideal experiences for you.


*The specific experiences can take place after contacting us personally upon your reservation.

These experiences have an additional cost and are not included in our basic package.

Let us know what you are interested in, and we will organize it for you!