Today we baked! - Agroville

AgrovilleToday we baked!


* Along with you and with the little children being our leaders, we kneaded the best sourdough breads, then baked them in the traditional wooden stove with the help of our cook, Mr. George, and we enjoyed them warm and steaming!!

A tour at the other side of our farmyard was a special breakfast for young and old alike.

Loads of newborn lambs were waiting for us, since we are in the season of births. We fed them their mothers’ milk with a baby bottle, we petted them, we took pictures, we learned a few things about them and their developmental stages.

Their ages vary so we are lucky to see the ones born last night, even those who are one month old!

On our way back we stopped at the chapel of the village, Ag. Panteleimonas, 2 km away from our lodge, where the jeeps were waiting for us to take us back to Agroville.

Parties, fun, music! One of the most beautiful and traditional Greek celebrations took place in Agroville! With traditional Greek music, tsipouro, small local dishes and dance till late at night…

As the years go by it is even harder than before to meet the traditional, authentic way of dairy products making.

We made along with you the most delicious traditional products. Based on milk, which we collected at the crack of dawn from our farm, we created organic dairy products. Chaloumi with salt and fresh mint from the garden, authentic sheep and cow yogurt with a smooth texture, fresh mizithra which we accompanied with freshly baked bread form the wood stove.

Village tastes that will remain unforgettable in your heart and palate.